Anonymous said: Hi! I love your blog so much and because of your blog I really want to start up ballet again (I quit about 6 years ago) but I have flat and wide feet which means that pointing my toes is excruciating and the bones/nerves/ muscles get trapped. Should I try ballet again or forget it?

Ouch, sorry to hear that! I would recommend seeing a specialist, such as a podiatrist & maybe a physical therapist as well. They can help you make safe & healthy choices about dancing.

Anonymous said: How much do you have to weigh as a ballerina

The weight that is comfortable & healthy for your personal body & mind.

you-dont-know-what-to-think said: Hey, I'm 17 years old, and I'm a boy. U think its possible to become a dancer? I've never had any class or somethins, but I would really love the idea of be a dancer.

Of course! A dancer isn’t really something you become, it’s just something you are if you dance. Don’t worry about that label! I have known many boys who started “late” & prospered. Just do it, you might even find some scholarships & extra help along the way too if you work hard.

Anonymous said: Do you have any tips for alleviating soreness in the calves/inner thighs? I just started my new dance class (twice a week) and my legs are taking a beating

Hm, a few ideas:
- ensure you’re warming up & warming down thoroughly (PS warming up doesn’t mean stretching).
- eat a banana, especially if there’s cramping, the potassium might help.
- take a warm bath when you get home & apply some peppermint oil lotion after to calm your muscles (I have Mama Bee Leg & Foot Creme by Burt’s Bees & it’s lovely).

Enjoy your new class!