Anonymous said: Do you have any tips for alleviating soreness in the calves/inner thighs? I just started my new dance class (twice a week) and my legs are taking a beating

Hm, a few ideas:
- ensure you’re warming up & warming down thoroughly (PS warming up doesn’t mean stretching).
- eat a banana, especially if there’s cramping, the potassium might help.
- take a warm bath when you get home & apply some peppermint oil lotion after to calm your muscles (I have Mama Bee Leg & Foot Creme by Burt’s Bees & it’s lovely).

Enjoy your new class!

Anonymous said: Are boys suppose to wear pink tights and black leotards to class like the girls do. I am the only boy in my classes.

Typically, males wear a fitted white shirt & black legging-like tights. Scroll through the blog & you’ll find some examples.

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